Group exercise to bhangra.

#pungra is not a brand, company or organisation. It is a movement about movement. My mission is to distrupt the exercise industry and especially to encourage people with a talent for bhangra movement to move away from exhibitionism, and instead turn their talents to leading exercise experiences that improve their community.

The proposition

Although dance features in social and performing setting, #pungra uses dance with a razer sharp focus on the health benefits of exercise.

Everything I do is of the highest industry standard, and I regularly check my practise against the most stringent awarding bodies' requirements in the sports and exercise industry.

Through YouTube, Twitter and other internet based educational platforms, I motivate people around the globe to exercise.

Ensuring the YouTube videos are published frequently, to a good standard of quality and for the lowest possible cost, is extremely important to enhance the participation of exercise.

Group exercise is very special, because it creates the conditions in which people can form relationships with like-minded individuals.

Using YouTube and Twitter in ways to promote global communities is vital to our effectiveness.

Nothing is more powerful in bringing about positive change, than a supportive community.

My classes use new music. After all we are supporting the bhangra industry of today, not of the 1980s.

Expect to listen to music that will make you want to move.

go, but my hope is to influence record labels to partner with us on creating videos that reach out to even greater numbers of people to encourage them to exercise.

What people tell me

Such a fun, enjoyable class! Amongst all the fun and laughter, you don't even realise you've had a full workout!'


I started doing pungra fit via YouTube at home to start getting fit and get rid off baby weight. I had just recently been gifted a Fitbit and thought it would be a great way to get some steps in and a workout. I also decided to begin a healthy eating lifestyle.

I managed to lose half a stone in 15 days with a combination of pungra fit and healthy eating.


This is the best fitness class ever! Great music, great instructor and friendly atmosphere!


Thank you, and thanks to all who read these words, I encourage you to enjoy life, and exercise and as you do not your music... with the energy that the teacher and his students give, in each class, I am starting to perform their routines at home since I do not live nearby, but not for that. It has the quality that you expect and want, please go meet them and be happy.


Great music, great work out and great fun! Highly recommend this class to anyone trying to get fit but is sick of the machines and boring gym routine.


Amazing workout, my entire family here in the USA is hooked. Awesome moves , great tempo - Ravi Sandhu you are just fab. With two kids its super hard to get out of the house for a workout but Pungra Fit gets me moving for a minimum of 20-40 mins every evening, so Thanks a lot to you and your team. Even my kids are such huge fans of Pungra.


My classes in Southall

Sundays 11AM to 12PM and 12PM to 1PM Dormer's Wells Leisure Centre, Dormer's Wells Lane, Southall UB1.

On Sundays there are 2 hours, the first is video recorded, the second is not.

If you're interested in joining one of the classes, please select the button.